We’ve been reading this book lately, Pinkalicious. It’s about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink. She loves it until she eats one too many then turns red, then needs to eat a lot of green stuff to turn back to normal. I’m not a huge fan of this book. For one, her parents let her eat like a gazillion cupcakes, then she sneaks in more cupcakes, and she snubs the green veggies. Anyway, my toddler is enjoying it meaning we read it a few times a day. Well, all that talk about cupcakes, you’re bound to start craving cupcakes. I debated between baking from scratch and heading to Trophy and decided baking would be a more interesting activity but did opt to get some help from Duncan. We did the frosting ourselves, though. I finally had a good, smooth result for my American buttercream frosting. Room temperature butter, my friends! Simple details.


We enjoyed it. Lily was eager to dig in and showed a lot of restraint for a 3-year old. At last after dinner we had a cupcake (I had made a lot of minis and a few regular sized ones … L had a mini) … As soon as she finished it she yelled “More More More” (from the book) … Ugh!

But the cupcakes were tasty! Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake (because that’s how i roll) with pink buttercream frosting. Some dinosaur sprinkles, too. A nice end to a sort of stressful long weekend.

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