The Library: Check it out

At “Next Months” last week the babies were getting fussy so it was decided that we should sing to them. We sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and I realized I didn’t know the words to the song. I had to later look them up in a Nursery Rhymes book I took out of the library. “Like a diamond in the sky?” Really?

What cracks me up is the previous night I had been singing to Lily. The husband and I sang “American Pie”. Not the entire song, for pete’s sake. But just the one verse that I’ve been able to memorize. “Did you write the book of love and do you believe in God above …” Hopefully I have now successfully gotten one of two songs to repeat over and over again in your head. Because that’s what happened to me.

Speaking of the library … LOVE it. I recently got my Seattle Public Library card, and am actually using it! The Northeast branch is about 6 or 7 blocks from our house. Of course, four of those blocks happen to be uphill on the way to the library, and it’s hard pushing a stroller up. Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn. The library has CHANGED since I went as a kid in West Hartford. First, I can go online at home and click here and there and hold books that I want to take out. Then, they email me when they are available (or I can go online and check the status). Walk in, find my held books and check them out. Even the check out is automated. I can renew online. Those stamped cards with the due date listed is a thing of the past. They also have CDs and DVDs of recent stuff. I am kicking myself for not getting back on the library bandwagon sooner. Will have to make a trip to the downtown library soon (the new one has been open for how long now?)

Cool pic of the Library downtown (but not the one I frequent)

Cool pic of the Library downtown (but not the one I frequent)

I am also singing “American Pie” right now … “And good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye …”

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