Do the mashed cauliflower (Do the twist)

No photos from dinner this weekend. On Saturday night the husband had some buffalo meat defrosting. Combined with some lamb he made a wonderful meat loaf. We’re learning that the toddler is really into ground meat. She eats meat loaf. Turkey chili. Pork dumplings. I think we’re on to something here.

No pics of the loaf. I’m actually shocked that there isn’t a previous post about meatloaf. I promise to take a pic next time. I did, however, provide the sides. A big salad, no surprise there. What was a surprise, was a popular South Beach Diet recipe known as “Surprise” Mashed Potatoes. Why the surprise? Because it’s actually mashed cauliflower. I’ve seen this recipe a few dozen times but really couldn’t believe it would fool anyone. However, last week I downloaded a sample of Rocco DiSpirito’s cookbook “Now Eat This” and saw that he had a mashed cauliflower recipe as well. Because Rocco thinks it’s okay, I decided to try it out. I bailed on the “butter spray” that the SBD book recommends, and used, you know, butter. And instead of fat-free half-and-half I used fat-free milk. The results were interesting. They tasted like …

mashed cauliflower via chattycha on flickr

… Well, it tasted like cauliflower. But, with butter. And that is some tasty butter.

It was a good recipe. Extremely simple, though you do need to drag out the Cuisinart. I’ll be sure to add it to my repertoire.

Sunday was taco night. Again, no pics. My apologies, but on the other hand, there isn’t anything photogenic about ground turkey mixed with taco seasoning. So maybe it’s really for the best. The meal was pretty tasty, though.

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