My favorite mistake

It was a mistake to make these. Not because they aren’t tasty. Not because the recipe, once the ingredients prepped, was incredibly simple. Because the husband and I enjoyed them so much we finished at least half the batch between ourselves in one night. Not exactly the right decision. Unlike the zucchini muffins, I’ve been requested to take the remaining cookies to work in an effort to get them out of the house. No offense taken on my part. It’s really for the best.

oatmeal raisin cookies w/walnuts via chattycha on flickr

I adapted the recipe from a cookbook I picked up at the SPL Friends of the Library book sale. It is from “American Desserts: The Greatest Sweets on Earth,” which essentially has every “all-American” dessert recipe you can think of. I just love flipping through that thing. Hopefully I learned my lesson about breaking down and baking one of these recipes … it will no doubt become another memorable mistake.

The changes I made were typical, used a whole wheat pastry/AP flour combo and reduced the sugar some. Tips/instructions/secrets that I loved from this recipe: 1) plumping the raisins up through a quick simmer and soak in water; 2) toasting the walnuts; 3) adding maple syrup. The toddler, actually prefers plain raisins than these, I think. Which is fine. More for me!


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