(Not really a) Review: One More Thing Stories And Other Stories

One More ThingTitle: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

Author: B.J. Novak

Read in: July 2016

Disclaimer: I only took this out because of #BookBingoNW, which you will soon see, is why I picked up a lot of random books this summer.

I wish I could say I loved these stories and laughed at many of them, because I would like to think that B.J. Novak is that creative. And I think I liked some of the stories but I also feel like for most of the book I was cramming it down my throat to tick this off my list. I can vaguely remember some of the stories but nothing is really coming to me right now, nearly two months later. That’s my bad.

I could have been a better reader. Good thing someone isn’t reviewing my reviews.