I wrote a thing about family-friendly podcasts

While I only listen on occasion nowadays, the increase in podcast listening for me definitely spiked when I was commuting to Redmond via a shuttle. The fellow commuters around me were doing all sorts of things. Some were doing email, others were playing games or social media-ing. Of course there was that one woman that ALWAYS took a conference call. UGH. I did all of those things, but usually while I was listening to something.

That’s the nice thing about podcasts: you can listen AND do something else, like knit. Or workout. Or drive. Or you can just listen.

Finding podcasts that I could listen to in the car with my kiddo was a bit more challenging, but during the peak of her Greek Mythology phase we discovered Greeking Out which is super-engaging for young and old audiences.

I also love The Anthropocene Reviewed, which has the distinct honor of airing an episode that made my cry while I was working out at the gym.

Anyway. All this to introduce a story I wrote for ParentMap, where I listened to a bunch of fun kid-oriented podcasts, and some podcasts for the older set. Give it a read, and a listen!

Great New Podcast Recommendations for Kids & Families

Great New Podcasts Recommendations for Kids and Families via ParentMap

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