I wrote a thing about online classes

So, the people who I talk to on the regular since the fall probably have heard me mention that I’m taking an online class. It is CS50, Harvard’s popular Introduction to Computer Science course, and thank goodness it is self-paced because it’s taking me a while to complete.

Taking this course has been enlightening (also frustrating as hell). Just as freelancing has given me an opportunity to work a few muscles that had been dormant for a bit, learning how to code and completing the homework assignments have provided a chance to work another side of the brain. Problem-solving and language-learning is part of it, but also getting out into forums and seeking help on Reddit, Discord and other platforms has been part of the educational experience.

I’ll say this about the developers community (or maybe the CS50 community?) …They’ve been an incredibly supportive group. People from around the world coming together to share knowledge is inspiring.

Well, I didn’t write about my CS50 experience (which is ongoing, 2.5 lectures to go), but I did get to research and write about some other suggestions for online classes that can help your career (and yourself).

Have a read: Online Classes That Are Worth the Investment

screenshot of Online Classes That Are Worth the Investment via GoBankingRates.com

Once I’ve actually made it through CS50, I definitely want to write a thing about it. Still processing.

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