In the Nursery, the Mighty Nursery, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

A few people have complimented me on my amazing artistic skills as seen from the walls of the nursery. I have to set the record straight that a smiley face emoticon is about the best artistic skills that I have. This jungle scene comes courtesy of blik Wall Decals. This particular theme is from wee gallery. They are removeable, too, so when we tire of the jungle look, we can go for something else … clouds, farm animals, robots, etc.

Nursery via chattcha on flickr

walls of the nursery

This was not my original intention, btw. My aunt created a beautiful paper cut-out art piece that I had hoped to have framed and hanging from the wall. It is done in a beautiful blue and would have fit perfectly with my hopes for a primary-colors look. Unfortunately it also cost over $600 to frame (and I’m talking the cheapest of the cheap frame from Michaels), and at this point we just didn’t have the funds to do it. These decals cost  about $50.

wall decals - the lion sleeps tonight

wall decals - the lion sleeps tonight

Shout out to Eva, who suggested finding some wall decals in the first place. Vanpool discussions are the best. She is a true interior designer.

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  1. I have been looking at decals on Etsy lately. I think it’s such a chic way to decorate without putting a ding in one’s savings.

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