Scenes from Halloween 2014

It’s late. I’m tired. You won’t know that it’s late because I schedule my posts out sometimes. And you probably won’t even see this when I post it anyway, and is anyone actually seeing this at all? But, I digress.

While the kiddo’s costume was secured way back in July, everything else came together kinda late, with our last pumpkin being carved a day or two before the big day. I usually try to have it together earlier than that.

On top of that, I didn’t have the energy to make up some story about how the Halloween fairy will come in at night and take away all of the candy and in exchange leave a gift. I just told the girl, “hey, you’re not eating all that candy, so why do’nt you give me most of it, keep a few pieces, and in exchange I’ll buy you a toy”

“Okay.” Wow. that was easy.


Snacks from the kid’s class party. I didn’t do these. A very cool hip mama of a cool hip kid in class did these. But, aren’t they clever?

zombie cookies

The kiddo asked if we could make zombie cookies. As it turned out, earlier that week I was at Cost Plus and saw a box of, you guessed it. So, I bought them when they went on sale and we did these, actually finally frosting them the day after Halloween. Fun times.


Jack, from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. I had considered the logo from “Ghostbusters” but decided it was too complicated.

Max, photobombing Jack

Max, photobombing Jack

Monster creature.

Monster creature.

halloween 2014

She’s wearing a hoodie underneath that Elsa costume, because, actually the cold does bother her. Her mother, too

Fun times.

Pinterest Win

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It annoys AND inspires me. Thus far I have successfully created two Pinterest-inspired things. One was this recipe, which I loved and recommend for all of my Paleo friends. The other I completed today. These little bracelets are for the kiddo. they have our cell numbers listed. If we get separated from each other, in an ideal world she”s wearing a bracelet, finds a nice Mom that she will ask for help and we get in touch and all is right in the world. in an ideal world she wears the bracelet and doesn’t lose it. in an ideal world she sticks to me like glue and we never get separated.


But, we don’t live in an ideal world, so I’ll give this a shot.

Link to bracelet

Link to yummy homemade larabars

Oh, and here is another one (one-sheet comic book), but I knew about this before I saw it on the Pin


BTW, this does NOT work. Lame.

Scenes from the kitchen …

No interesting dinners to speak of, but here are some other goodies my assistant and I concocted in the kitchen:

whole grain zucchini mini muffins via chattycha on flickrZucchini mini-muffins, made from a combination of all-purpose (white); whole-wheat and oat flours. They tasted all right the first day and the morning after, but after that the whole wheat kind of dries out the entire experience. I might experiment with the levels (which were pretty good for the banana muffins, but not zucchini), and am looking for an “moistener” that might help the cause (maybe sour cream? mainly because I happen to have some in the fridge). I’ll give them 3 out of 5 stars.

Lemon tea cookies via chattycha on flickr

Lemon tea cookies. So, here’s the story with these. From the aforementioned zucchini muffins, I had purchased a lemon and used only part of the lemon peel. So, I had a leftover lemon that needed to be used pronto. I wanted to bring something to Easter dinner, but didn’t want to arrive with Lemon Bars since I think I brought them once already. I like to try something different every now and again. Keep people on their toes. Not be known as the “lemon bars” girl or whatever. Found this recipe after a night of searching for different lemon ideas, and what probably cinched this one in particular was that we had all of the ingredients in the pantry (always a good sign). Again, I used a combo of whole wheat & all-purpose flour (the ratio was 3:2). I’m sure the shortbread would have been a different texture had I not used the whole-wheat, but all around a decent cookie. The lemon curd was, um, lemony. Pretty tart. I might have overdone it, but I wanted to make sure it had a lemony flavor and for some reason I wasn’t convinced that 3 tbsp of lemon juice along with 2 tsp of lemon zest was going to do the trick. I like them, but I likely won’t make them again (a little more time-consuming than I like, especially when I am short on time). Because of that I give this 3 out of 5 stars.

Coloring Easter Eggs via chattycha on flickrEaster Eggs. Ho-hum. These didn’t turn out fantastic or anything, but perhaps that’s what you get for spending all of $1.99 on supplies. The turquoise blue one in front has “L I L Y” spelled out thanks to the handy wax crayon that PAAS provides. The pink one behind spelled out “Easter” (ooooh. creative writer, I am). The purple one in the back is purple because the toddler dunked a blue egg into the pink dye. Most of them came out spotty, and the “egg-around” experiment resulted in a cracked egg when I dropped it in boiling water as the instructions, um, instructed. And, why are there five and not, oh, say a half-dozen? Because I cracked one in the initial hard-boiling. Butterfingers. Then again, they are EGGS, after all. I remember having so much fun hunting eggs down, but now, as the grown up all I can think is “what kind of crazy invention is this??”

More important than the actual dye job was the fun that the toddler had while we dyed the eggs. Mainly because she deftly ignored her mother’s pleas of “no, don’t touch that!” and “be patient” and “use the egg carrier” and “no touch no touch no touch no touch”. I’m sad I forgot to take any pictures of these, until we had already brought them to the in-laws’, where they were man/child/bunny-handled several times over.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without my little iron chef:

kitchen assistant via chattycha on flickr

Allez cuisine!

Leg Warmers, part 2

Remember those Leg Warmers I knit BL (Before Lily)? Well, here she is, wearing them.

baby lilys baby leg warmers

baby lily's baby leg warmers

She probably won’t wear them much, though. I don’t think she liked them. Plus, she’s pretty good at kicking them off.

In fact, most of the stuff I knit BL isn’t really wearable, I don’t think. Not surprising, I guess. I didn’t really have a clue. But, the knitting itself sure did whittle the time away while I waited for Lily to arrive.

In the Nursery, the Mighty Nursery, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

A few people have complimented me on my amazing artistic skills as seen from the walls of the nursery. I have to set the record straight that a smiley face emoticon is about the best artistic skills that I have. This jungle scene comes courtesy of blik Wall Decals. This particular theme is from wee gallery. They are removeable, too, so when we tire of the jungle look, we can go for something else … clouds, farm animals, robots, etc.

Nursery via chattcha on flickr

walls of the nursery

This was not my original intention, btw. My aunt created a beautiful paper cut-out art piece that I had hoped to have framed and hanging from the wall. It is done in a beautiful blue and would have fit perfectly with my hopes for a primary-colors look. Unfortunately it also cost over $600 to frame (and I’m talking the cheapest of the cheap frame from Michaels), and at this point we just didn’t have the funds to do it. These decals cost  about $50.

wall decals - the lion sleeps tonight

wall decals - the lion sleeps tonight

Shout out to Eva, who suggested finding some wall decals in the first place. Vanpool discussions are the best. She is a true interior designer.

Baby Kimono

My other project this past week as been to finish this baby kimono. The pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn. It is the first sweater I’ve tried to knit, and I feel like I cheated a bit, because it is essentially five different pieces, but then sewn together.

Baby kimono sweater

Baby kimono sweater

Not quite like the impressive and adorable sweater that my pal Marcie knit for little baby.

By the way, I think I discovered while researching some different stitches online, that I’m actually knitting incorrectly. I knit through the back loop, whereas I guess you’re supposed to knit through the front. Unfortunately I can’t find my “Teach Yourself to Knit” booklet to doublecheck. With the sister arrives in January, I’m going to have to have her bring her knitting book with her (the one I gave her for Christmas … the gift that keeps on giving), to double-check what I probably already know to be true. Oh well, what are you going to do.

Grandma Emma’s Blanket

This blanket arrived in an old Nieman Marcus box that had handwritten in pen, “Grandma Emma blanket. 1999”. You see, the husband and I started dating at the end of the year in 1998. In 1999, Grandma Emma was crocheting a blanket for a family friend’s baby, to be born that year. The husband’s Mom then asked Grandma to crochet a blanket for the husband’s first born as well, as it was sort of known that her eye sight was not what it once was.

“Why,” she asked. “Is there something I should know?”

As it turned out, the husband and I wouldn’t marry until 2004. Grandma Emma passed away in 2006. And, now, finally, the husband and I have a baby on the way. The mother-in-law gave this to us on Thanksgiving. She’d been holding it for nine years. Waiting patiently. Who knew it would take this long? Not me. Probably not Grandma Emma, either.

Grandma Emmas Baby Blanket

Grandma Emma's Baby Blanket

A beautiful blanket. And a sweet story.

Leg warmers

Do you remember when leg warmers were the “in” thing? I was in maybe third grade or something. Not just for aerobicizing women, I’m pretty we just wore them to school. They were h-o-t.

Anyway, I purchased some super-cute leg warmers as a baby shower gift from Baby Legs. Then, I decided I could also knit some basic ones. Not as cute as the polka dots, stripes, or skull and crossbones that Baby Legs makes, but these were done while watching Sunday Night Football. Nice and easy. Here’s the pattern I used.

baby leg warmers

baby leg warmers

Believe it or not, the yarn is the same as the baby hat I knit earlier. Different light, different time of the day that the picture was taken makes the colors a bit off. I know, we are having a girl and I’ve knit a lot of blue stuff. But, I’m merely trying to use yarn that I have sitting in the house. Besides I’m not one to put gender stereotypes on my child so early. Don’t cha think? For anyone who is still not convinced, my plan is to add some pom-poms to the bottom of warmers to make them a little bit more girly, but not too girly. Either I will outsource the pom-poms to E., or perhaps I’ll try to do them myself. I just found some instructions on the web. Ain’t the Inter-webs amazing?

Sorry, this blog has become more crafty than I meant it to be. I’ll bring some food pics back soon. It is Thanksgiving weekend, after all, and this afternoon I’ll be making my traditional bourbon pumpkin cheesecake.