Lily’s Birthday Cupcakes

She turned 2 so quickly. My is time flying. I took the day off work and we had a wonderful day together as a family. Breakfast at Sunflour Cafe. A trip to the zoo, where the weather was kind and the animals were out.

happy birthday gorilla via chattycha on flickr

A nice long nap, followed by dinner and of course the obligatory cupcakes. I am including a pic of the cupcake without frosting, as the end result was kind of unimpressive.

mini cupcakes for mini me via chattycha on flickr

Remind me not to use that icing again.

Cupcakes I have loved

Trophy Cupcakes - Halloween Cupcakes

Trophy Cupcakes - Halloween Cupcakes

Happy Halloween - Mummy Cupcake

Trophy Cupcakes - It's a Mummy

Espresso, Mocha and Latte specials

Trophy Cupcakes - Espresso, Mocha and Latte specials

Trophy Cupcakes - Fall

Trophy Cupcakes - Fall

Trophy Cupcakes - Summer

Trophy Cupcakes - Summer

Trophy Cupcake Goodness

Trophy Cupcake - It ain't a party unless someone brings the CCs

I’ve got more cupcake pics … i feel like i take them all the time. Just gotta find them!

Trophy Cupcakes keeps me sane at work. It’s sad, but I’ve basically memorized their menu. The boss brought in a dozen cupcakes for a meeting yesterday. Someone asked what kinds they were and with barely a glance I quickly blurted out, “Pineapple Upside Down; Red Velvet; Samoas; Chocolate Vanilla”. People stared. “What??” I said. I hung my head a little bit sheepishly. Then had a chocolate vanilla. Yum.

You say it’s your birthday!

While L’s actual birthday was last week, I will never forget that my water broke the night of the AFC/NFC Championship games, which happened to be tonight. Haven’t decided who I’ll be rooting for in the Super Bowl, but I will try to remind the husband that I called these two teams as meeting in the Super Bowl back around week 5 or so. Seriously. No, really. I did. Maybe it wasn’t too difficult a call to make considering both teams were so frikkin hot, but I did and that’s what’s important. But, I digress.

Due to scheduling, we did a little celebratin’ yesterday, when Grandma was in town. Sheva, a gal I know from work who does photography on the side, came over and took pics of the family. I made cupcakes for the little girl. I made it easy on myself by purchasing Dr. Oetker brand organic cake and icing mix (chocolate/chocolate, as requested by the husband), then just whipped up a little bit of icing to decorate. Used some handy decorating tools that the MIL gave me for Christmas. Thus the fancy-schmancy leaf tips and star tips and somewhat neat handwriting using the round tip. Thanks, Grandma, for playing with the little monkey while I baked and frosted.

happy birthday

Happy Birthday, little monkey!

Cupcake Mania

Via aloha_pineapple on FlickrCupcakes have been on my mind lately, especially since my trial-run of the Banana Cupcake recipe (hint: if you want to be super-popular at the office, go with chocolate. People look at you funny when you say ‘banana cupcake with amaretto buttercream”).

I watched with fascination this past weekend an episode of “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” where he went head to head with a cupcake baker/rocker from LA. I was disappointed with the outcome, mainly because sometimes I think Bobby is a boob and I appreciate a good cupcake baker. Especially in HD. The rocker made a moist, decadent Red Velvet cupcake with sky-high cream cheese frosting. I felt cavities forming just watching. I also felt the drool dribbling out of the corner of my mouth as I watched. Mmmmmm …. frosting ….

The other cupcake news to inform you of is this recent article from about the best cupcakes in the country. Sure, they mention the CR. And I’m happy and all, but I would love to try some of these other treats, liks the Fluffer Nutter from  “Cake Fetish” and the Fat Elvis from “Saint Cupcake”. What is that commandment again? Thou shalt not covet another man’s cupcake.