Run 5.29


Time: lunchtime
Where: Loop around Bellevue north of downtown
Workout: 4.5 miles on a good hilly route. Approx 45 minutes
Notes and observations: Sometime I dread hills, sometimes I crave them. I dreaded them today but didn’t stop.
I’ve been trying different gels and chews. Unofficial survey of friends showed a preference for Gu and Clif Shot Bloks. I am a Gu girl and despite some issues a few weeks back I expect to use it during th race. Though today I tried the chew and really like them. Good for a pre workout energy boost. Don’t know if I can eat and chew while running, though.
Music: old beat the bridge playlist

The honey stinger is really sweet (it is honey) … A post workout/recovery possibility. The Gu PB was surprisingly tasty. I generally go vanilla with, um, vanilla. I think a race day plan is coming together.

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